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Answering Service

Our Answering Service division utilizes a Shared agent model where many clients can draw from a group of agents in the same queue who possess similar skill sets.

Solutions within this division allow for greater efficiency and effectiveness serviced at a high level of quality. Simple Call Solutions has been extremely successful in this model, leveraging our technology and training to ensure agents can transparently represent our clients’ brand and deliver on each account. Clients within our Shared division come from the Legal, Retail, E-commerce, Real Estate Services, Insurance & Financial, DRTV, and Medical industries.
Most small businesses need an Answering Service but are unaware how cost effective the service actually is. With SCS’s Pay Per Call pricing Model having your own Answering Service 24/7 is now possible for even the smallest business.

Set​​ Up​​ Questionnaire

Name​​ of​​ Company​​ _______________________________________

Physical​​ Company​​ Address:​​ _____________________________________​​ City​​ ____________​​ 

State/Province____________________________​​ Postal​​ Code_______________________

Billing​​ Address​​ of​​ Company:​​ ______________________________________​​ City​​ ____________​​ 

State/Province____________________________​​ Postal​​ Code_______________________

Contact​​ Name​​ (s)​​ __________________________ ____________________________

Business​​ Phone​​ Number​​ (s)​​ _____________​​ ________________​​ _______________

Email​​ Address​​ (s)​​ ____________________ _________________________

Website_____________________________​​ Time​​ Zone​​ Business​​ is​​ Located​​ ___________________

Days​​ and​​ Hours​​ of​​ Operation​​ of​​ Your​​ Business​​ ______________________Years​​ in​​ Business______________

Do​​ You​​ Need​​ English/Spanish​​ Operators​​ or​​ Both​​ _________________ ​​ Other​​ Language​​ ______________

Describe​​ Your​​ Business​​ and​​ Services​​ You​​ Provide:


Projected​​ Start​​ Date​​ _______________​​ Estimated​​ Number​​ of​​ Calls​​ per​​ Week​​ ________________​​ 

Average​​ Length​​ of​​ Calls​​  ​​​​ __________________​​ Days​​ and​​ Times​​ We​​ will​​ Answer​​ Calls​​ ________________________

Phone​​ Number(s)​​ that​​ Simple​​ Call​​ Solutions​​ will​​ be​​ Answering​​ _________________________________

Would​​ you​​ like​​ a​​ Customer​​ Greeting​​ Announcing​​ your​​ Company?​​ YesNoWill​​ Provide​​ Recording

Specific​​ Hold​​ Music​​ that​​ You​​ Would​​ Like​​ Used?​​ ____________​​ Yes​​ No​​ Will​​ Provide​​ Recording

Please​​ Check​​ Services​​ You​​ Require ___Answering​​ Service ___Appointment​​ Setting

____Order​​ Processing ​​ ____Lead​​ Generation _____Outbound​​ Calling  ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ ____​​ Other______________

How​​ Would​​ You​​ Like​​ to​​ be​​ Notified​​ of​​ Customer/Client​​ Calls​​ and​​ Information​​ ___Email​​ ___Live​​ Phone​​ Transfer​​ ____SMS​​ ____Other

Email(s)​​ to​​ Forward​​ Customer/Client​​ Information​​ __________________ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ ______________________

Phone​​ Numbers​​ for​​ Live​​ Transfers​​ _____________________ ______________________

What​​ Information​​ Would​​ You​​ Like​​ to​​ Receive​​ About​​ Calls​​ we​​ Process​​ ___Name​​ ___​​ Phone​​ ___Address​​ ___Message​​ ___Ad​​ ____​​ Additional​​ Information​​ ____________________​​ ______________________________

_____________________​​ _____________________​​ ________________________​​ ________________________

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