Should the communication aspect of your business be so complicated? Why should having 24/7 Communication with your customers cost you countless dollars and your precious time? We at Simple Call Solutions are here to make communicating with your customer “Simple”.

We understand communication is the key to a successful project. Each and every call made or answered is handled with extreme care and precision. Each Simple Call Solutions team member works hand in hand with the customer, the caller and management to capitalize on every phone call. Each time the phone rings an opportunity is created and how the call is handled determines the success or failure of that opportunity. At Simple, we know how important communicating with your customer is. No matter what time of day or night the phone rings, a trained and skilled operator is standing by to deliver the highest quality of service. To deliver that high quality service we here at Simple understand that we need to listen as well as speak to understand exactly what your customer needs. With our skilled agents working closely with our management team and our state of the art technology we make communication for your company just plain “Simple”.


Free Trial

Simple Call Solutions provides a Free 2 Week Trial  to selected Businesses for Answering Services. This provides you with a very good opportunity to experience the real benefits to your business in advance. You can request more information by completing the form Click Here


Customer Support

Solutions within this division are highly customizable to the client, with the highest quality reporting and tracking. Our agents are highly specialized to each account, acting as true brand specialists and knowledge agents. Clients within our Customer Service division come from a broad range of industries such as Retail, Financial Services & Insurance, News & Media, Food & Restaurant, and Consumer Packaged Goods.

All of our agents are trained specific to the clients specific product and are 100% Bi Lingual offering your services to a broader range of customers.

Our Pay Per Minute Pricing model is a cost effective way to outsource your customer support.  This pricing model assures the client they are only paying for time when an agent is on the phone with a customer.  Per minute pricing also gives the company an affordable option to offer 24/7 support which is a great way to separate themselves from the competition.


Answering Service

Our Answering Service division utilizes a Shared agent model where many clients can draw from a group of agents in the same queue who possess similar skill sets.

Solutions within this division allow for greater efficiency and effectiveness serviced at a high level of quality. Simple Call Solutions has been extremely successful in this model, leveraging our technology and training to ensure agents can transparently represent our clients’ brand and deliver on each account. Clients within our Shared division come from the Retail, E-commerce, Real Estate Services, Insurance & Financial, DRTV, and Medical industries.

Most small businesses need an Answering Service but are unaware how cost effective the service actually is.  With SCS’s Pay Per Call pricing Model having your own Answering Service 24/7 is now possible for even the smallest business.



Outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy when used properly. It is sometimes more affordable to purchase a good from companies with comparative advantages than it is to produce the good internally. An example of a manufacturing company outsourcing would be Dell buying some of its computer components from another manufacturer in order to save on production costs. Alternatively, businesses may decide to outsource book-keeping duties to independent accounting firms, as it may be cheaper than retaining an in-house accountant.

Simple Call Solutions with its strategic “Near shore” location has a talented, bi lingual workforce with the skills and experience to fill any position at a fraction of the cost in the US.



Telemarketing is the most interactive marketing medium available. Telemarketing allows you to answer your prospects questions, address their concerns, and overcome their objections.

Telemarketing is the only marketing medium that allows you to adjust your strategy midstream and make any changes at any time necessary to increase results. With telemarketing, you can change both your offer and audience with just one phone call. Telemarketing scripts can be edited with a moments notice. And telemarketing calling hours can be adjusted.

Simple Call Solutions takes this belief and enhances the results by combining it with our Outbound software offering result tracking, call stats and detailed reporting.



SMS Platform

Since around 98% of Mobile Users answer their telephones compared to dismal rates from Email or Direct Mail it really is not hard to figure out that sending SMS messages to your subscribed users can really improve your bottom line. Add to this how the Mobile Market is now taking over the dominant position for web searches online and how companies can increase profits by 50% by following up regularly with targeted users and customers.

Simple Call Solutions provides a very easy to use SMS platform at very competitive rates suitable for any small business or larger enterprise. We also offer Bulk SMS services worldwide. Click here to open up our SMS site in a new window



Simple Call Solutions provides some unique and innovative marketing services to provide your business with an efficient way to improve leads, prospects and sales.

All Business owner’s understand that without a steady stream of targeted and interested leads that can be converted into sales, business profits are going to be severely limited and possibly the long term viability of the business will be at stake.

This “lifeblood” of Business (new leads and prospects) can be tapped into with the right knowledge and skill to provide your sales funnel with an ever growing number of new leads. At Simple Call Solutions our Team tests everything to ensure only the best programs are offered to our client base. Check out our Exclusive Automated Web Traffic Program

Web Services

Web ServicesYour Website should be the foundation of your business. Like any foundation if it is not structured properly it will not stand the test of time. Your Website should be Mobile Ready and be structured so that when you apply proven Marketing Strategies you get real business and sales.

Unfortunately over 95% of websites on the internet have been built by designers that provide something that just looks pretty and does not become the foundation of your business allowing you to really crank up your business.

Simple Call Solutions provide attractive websites that are built for Business, Lead Generation and to be able to market effectively.

Additionally we provide quality Video Production to help you grow your business.