Irrespective of what type of business you have service or product orientated, Effective Marketing is the NO 1 Missing element within most businesses. Why do you think that 2/3 businesses close within a 2 year period? what is often described as a lack of capital (before the business takes off) can easily be solved if you have an effective marketing machine that continually increases sales and income into the business.

The problem with Marketing is that you can easily breakdown a market and see the potential for sales and income, the next step as to how to get a good market share through marketing is where most business owners openly admit they really do not know what to do.

Really it’s not their fault the current Marketing landscape is extremely complex and confusing to most business owner’s and even many marketing companies.

Marketing is about Numbers and Statistics applied to effective marketing techniques and tracking. If you are a business owner I am sure that on a regular basis you get emails and calls trying to sell you SEO, Marketing Robot Software, the latest, greatest Marketing Technique that will get your phone ringing off the hook. Unfortunately, from experience you will realize that around 99% do not deliver any real results, there is no shortcut to effective marketing.

Simple Call Solutions offers a very different approach. We know and believe that business websites, if built and structured correctly can become the foundation of your business. Our exclusive “Automated Web Traffic Program” is like no other program on the internet, it provides Google and the search engines exactly what they want and focuses on long term organic results across hundreds of keyword phrases for your business. This provides your business with an effective marketing system that is easy to set up and requires no maintenance from you-the business owner.