Call Centre Services ROI

Simple Call Solutions is driven by results, whether its maximizing your revenue opportunities or reducing your costs-we work continuously to improve our performance metrics and to optimize your ROI

Call Center Services: When Simple Call Solutions is answering all your calls it gives you time to attract new business whilst we are providing support and retention.  Choosing our Pay Per Call or Pay Per Minute option not only will free up your time to build your business but save you precious dollars in Labor Costs.  Our strategic near shore location offers a high quality Labor Force at 40% of the normal US Prices.

Order Taking: Most businesses who field their own calls to take their orders are also taking orders in the establishment.  Whether you are a store owner, a service provider on the job or a Restaurant owner, you are busy doing other things.  The natural reaction of the person taking the order is to take the order as quickly as possible to get back to their normal tasks.  When Simple Call Solutions takes your order, our sole purpose is to answer and maximize that call.  We will cross sell and up sell on every call increasing orders by phone on an average between 25-33%.

SMS Services :  The ability to contact your customer with information, specials or announcements is an intricate part of keeping your bottom line.  As the world evolves more mobile everyday, SMS is rapidly taking over as the most effective way to communicate effectively with your customers.  For merely pennies you can now send ads, reminders, announcements and more right to their Mobile Device instantly changing pennies into Big profits.

Web Services:  Every business big or small needs a functioning website that works to compete in today’s marketplace.  Many businesses merely have a website designed with no real plan or strategy as to how that will convert into real paying client’s.  Simple Call solutions does not only create your website but we connect it with all your social media outlets, make high impact business videos and create our exclusive “Web Traffic System” making sure that potential and existing web visitors are not only visiting your website but are using it to purchase more of your product.  Creating a website that works for you versus simply having a website sitting there will easily make a huge ROI for your company.

Simple Call Solutions is in business to make your business successful with the products we offer and our success depends on our client’s success.  SCS works hard every day on developing innovative products and services to increase your companies ROI when choosing us.