Time plays a key role in customer service. Customers seek meaningful yet quick responses, while companies need to deliver quality experiences while avoiding long and costly service interactions. For this reason, average handling time, or AHT, is often considered an important metric to measure in the contact center, as agents strive to offer great customer

Irrespective of the size your company, ensuring that your clients can contact you whenever they need your services is very important. For start up businesses, it is easy to stay on top of incoming calls yourself or with your staff. However, as business grows, the demands for running the company can leave you with less

Always Available It’s hard to run a business and still be available for customers’ calls around the clock. Your phone is the front door to your business and first impressions count. Sending customers to voice mail when they call could be costing your business big time. Having a live person answering your phone makes all

I am asked quite often why a small business would need an answering service. There are several reasons that an answering service is a good investment, regardless of the size of business you currently have. Time Saving When you are running a business, manpower is very limited. Having to run around and do everything yourself,